Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

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Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Food grade,washing grade and oil drilling grade for your choice!

Packaging Detail: bag

Carboxy methyl cellulose(CMC) is widely used in oil drilling, textiles, pharmaceutical, paint, ceramics, daily-use chemicals, paper and other industries. It can be used as suspending agent,water loss reducer, sealant, glueing agent, thickener, emulsifying agent, stabilizator, dispersing agent, etc.

In food industry, CMC is used as stablizing of acid drink due to its unusual characteristic and superior quality.
It has following characteristics:
Prevent protein in acid milk from condensing,settling and laminating.
Due to its unusual smooth sugar paste state after it dissolves,it makes drink taste good and smooth.
Its good evenness and acid resistance provides drink with excellent stability.
Furthermore, CMC is used in ice cream to make water,sebum,protein to form a
mixture which is stable and well dipersed.At the same time,it tastes good,smooth
and has good formability.
Used in bread and cakes,CMC can control paste viscosity and strengthen water taking and keeping.