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Product list

February 23, 2013 Contact us  No comments

1 Black silicon carbide
2 Green silicon carbide
3 Brown aluminium oxide
4 White aluminium oxide
5 Ammonium Bifluoride
6 Synthetic Cryolite
7 Potassium cryolite
8 Iron Pyrite
9 Barite
10 Trichloro isocyanuric acid ( TCCA )
11 Flux KT-307
12 Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
13 Zinc stearate

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About Ingressos

February 11, 2013 About us  No comments

Ingressos Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996, has become firmly established in the market field of Abrasives , Brake pad , Chemical for pool.Through our continued commitment to deliver significant benefits to our excellent  customer, our main customers are many remarkable both international and domestic.
The business activities of INGRESSOS CO.,LTD  include international procurement and domestic sale , warehousing as well as providing regulatory expertise for hazardous materials to ensure that it would comply with all of the strictest safety standards, social responsibility through health and safety of our customers and environment. Our business objective is to supply the best solution for our customers in order to ensure their satisfaction at the ultimate level

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